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Week 4 Moble Technology

          Moble technology, also known as cellular technology, has made a huge impact on educational practices and stratagies.  Many education insitutions are begining to integrate moble technology for various purposes.  There are many advantages for moble learning, or mLearning , with mobile technology for adult learners.  Mobile technology, such as I pads, and Iphone, can enhance mLearnnig by making content universally acceptable,  adapting to student needs, and increasing knowledge retention. (Heiphetz, 2011).

           The apple I pad is a universal device which has the capabilites of document imaging, readinr, viewer, internet capability, and word processer.  The ipad is a key feature in mobile ldearning becasue it provides to  education oppurtunities with not actually sitting in a classroom.   Adult learners have the ability to customize their on learning schecude when they are ready at anywhere anytime.  (Heiphetz, 2011).    The ipad has universal accessability which has the possibility "of creating context and location pacific, edcational modules, which can be used by students outside of the classsroom" (Heiphetz, 2011, p.3).  In additon, with universal accessability the ipad can enable adults to recieve support from the acctual university for very important moments.  Adult learners have the ability to recieve support from acential personal such as technical support.

            When using the iPad the adult learners have the capabilities to upload applications to their device.  These applications can be used for learning tools such as:  For example Heiphetz, 2011 dicusses the reference learning resourse known as Referencing Books.  This reference learning resours teaces students how to correcdtly quote APA or MLA; helping  to advoid plagerism.  

            The iPhone is a celluar communication that also have cpabilies such as , email, video conferences, documents.  Becasue it is a another product developed from iPadjk.  With the iphone capabilites students can get access to collegues and mentors when they need additional help.  Heiphtz, 2011 discuss IHG Cloud Note which is a moble app that can be purched from the phone.  Its purpose the proces, procedure, or problems.  The documen cna be edited on the iphone and instantly available to the class or team.  According to Heiphetz 2011p.5  These types of knowledge-sharing application make it easy to publish visual documednts includcing video images, and text onto a knowleg base eLearning module, webpage, or wikki.   Yuen talks about 40 quick ways to use your moble phone in the classroom.  Here is a list of the top 5 from the list.
  1. Use educational apps:
    One of the simplest strategies for engaging students using smartphones involves taking advantage of the thousands of educational apps as supplements.
  2. Create educational apps:After familiarizing kiddos with properly navigating smartphone apps, challenge some of the more tech-oriented ones to design and develop their own; Stanford already offers an open-source class on the subject!
  3. Scavenger hunts:
    Smartphone scavenger hunts have proven a popular pastime for technophiles, and teachers have been known to use them to provide interactive lessons about everything from natural history to nature. It’s an easy concept to adapt!
  4. Shooting video:
    Whether requiring short PSAs, as the linked assignment does, or another type of video entirely, students with smartphones make it easier than ever to shoot, edit, and share their digital projects.
  5. Backchanneling:
    Turn the classroom into an educational MST3K equivalent by equipping smartphones with Twitter and allow students to offer up their own comments and ask questions via a real-time feed that does not disrupt the flow of a lecture.

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  1. Hiram-
    Very nice looking blog, thanks for resending the link. I enjoyed your detail discussion on iPads and learning and especially your section on the educational use of Apps. My course proposal is on integrating IPads into the classroom, I appreciated being able to learn of these more challenging ideas- like Backchanneling with Twitter- I think that would be an incredibly dynamic learning experience. Thanks again for sharing your perspective. Teri

  2. Hi Hiraman,
    iPads have amazing features that can be used for numerous purposes. When I checked for applications available for iPads or iPhones this week, I was amazed as there are so many that can be used for educational purposes. I did not know about IHG Cloud Note before reading your blog, so thank you for letting us learn about it. I think that being able to edit texts immediately would help us a great dealas it saves time and we can avoid mistakes. I can use it in my reading classes especially when I bring authentic reading texts to class. It is always good to double check what we are going to do in class.
    Thank you,

  3. Hi Hiraman,

    I want a tablet computer so badly. It does not have to be an IPad, just something that is more portable than a laptop. I know that it would help in my business when my clients have forgotton their books. I'm looking towards that Samsung Galaxy. They do so much in such a small amount of space. It is amazing to me that there has been that kind of technology so quickly.


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