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Week 6 Educational Technology Blog

Every since I have been a online learner I have taken advantage of the online sources used to help my eucational program.  At Walden University they offer different technologies to help adult learners enhance their knowledge.  The two types of technolgy that I will use to enhance adult education is Blackboard and E Learning

As a user of blackboard I have notice that learning is now organized and easy to navigate on the internet.  By having Blackboard students and instructors may communicate on a topic in the synchronous chat room within Bb. Real-time communication with Whiteboard tools can be used for collaboration and off-site office hours.  This also make it easier to have students communicate with other classmates and instructors.  Blackboard is a tool that allows faculty to add resources for students to access online. Powerpoint, Captivate, video, audio, animation, and other applications are created outside of Blackboard and added into Blackboard courses for students to enhance teaching and learning efforts.

Example 1

I would use blackboard and assign students a assignment to complete by Wensday.  Once complet the student would have to respond to at least 2 classmates by no longer than Sunday.  This would be put into plact to make sure more students could participate in the discussion board.

Example  2

I would also use blackboard as a tuturing tool to help adults in need of extra help.  With this option student can be helped through differtn students colloaborating to make sure students understand the question.

Discussion Tool: Bb provides a threaded discussion, which allows students and instructors the ability to share concepts, ideas, questions and answers. One way to use this tool is for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Create a Forum that allows students to see FAQ questions/answers. They may be able to help each other and you can post all questions/answers there instead of emailing to individuals.
Discussion Forums can also extend class time discussion by providing tools outside of class. You may find using a Forum for exam-related questions very helpful as well.

Group Tools: Bb provides a collaborative area for student groups to discuss within a threaded discussion board, chat (synchronously) with their group members, exchange files for review or additions, and/or send email to each other. Students today have many responsibilities and finding a time and place to meet can be very difficult. These Group tools allow all users to meet on their own timelines.

Next tool I would use is E-Learning.  When it come to adult learning E learning is one of the best enviorments to visit. One particular type is Classroom 2.0.  "Classroom 2.0 is a method of using a type of Multi-User Virtual Learning Environment set-up to connect schools across geographical frontiers (known as 'eTwinning') to enhance educational outcomes and cultural integration.  Schools based on the Classroom 2.0 concept make use of CSCL and the Internet to allow learners in one school to communicate with learners in another that they would not get to know otherwise. E-Learning systems based on Classroom 2.0 are culturally aware and take account of the different preferences of learners. Classroom 2.0 has been used effectively in Wales, England, Spain, and Italy" (Wikipedia, 2012, p.1).

Example 1:  I use this assignment to compare and contrast the differtn outcomes on a test or study hall.  By having this program more students will have the oppurtunity to share their opinion to other students from other classrooms.  They also will have th oppurtunity to explain thier answer. 

Example 2 I would use this disk to do another project this time it would be on a  larger scale sot that more students could compare their results to other countries ( such as England, Spain and Italy).

In conclusion both tools are good tools for technology that will help adults enhance adult education. 

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