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week8 Educational Technologies Blog

Week 8 Assignment 1: Educational Technologies Blog

Hiraman Byrd

Technology #1: Is from learner Chris Ortega


The first technology that I chose to use is from the sites iSafe.  From Chris Ortega site I learned that this site is a nonprofit organization that aims to educate people about being safe, responsible and productive use of information and communication technologies. It also provides schools with a organized curriculum. The curriculum that iSafe provides its users with e-safety activities that can be applied in classrooms as well. There are also publications of iSafe that can be purchased online. They can also be used as class materials. I would use iSafe in my classes to raise awareness about the safe and responsible use of Internet. These are good topics for debates, which would help my learners improve their speaking skills. The publications can improve their reading skills while making my learners aware of the safe and responsible use of the Internet.


The rational behind choosing this site is it allows my learners to get some training on the proper way to use technology and not abuse it.  If my learners can learn to utilize this site then maybe we can cut down on students uploading inappropriate videos, or not taking the time to realize their audience is now the world once their work is published.

Example one:

I would have the group of the learners watch the video and answer questions afterwards.

Example two:

The learners would get into a small group and design their own set of rules, to make a video and discuss why they think this video will help future learners of  technology devices.

Technology one is from learner Melitta Williams and her site is


The second technology is World Ecitizens (n.d.) “aims to encourage understanding between peoples and communities and to share the fascinating diversity within nations and across the world web based learning environment is a rich resource for educational collaboration in topics such as responsible citizenship, mutual respect, combating social injustice and conflict prevention and resolution. WE participants can build projects together, join in debates, and develop electronic portfolios.” 


I chose this site because it is easy to navigate and the functions this website contains.  This site also offers learners an opportunity to connect and have interaction with other learners in groups from all over the world as well as being able to design educational projects. But what is equally important it that the site provides and additional link called “Etopia Project for educators where they also can interact and collaborate with other professionals” (World Ecitizens, n.d.).

Example One:

The first way learners could benefit from using World Ecitizens is by providing leaners with a discussion questions to answer once done they can explain how they got their answers.

Example Two:

The second way leaners can benefit from using World Ecitizens is by having learners connect with another person from another state that may be working on the same project.  Then have them explain how they believe this experiment will help him.

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